Every 4 years, we vote for someone who promises to fix America.

But after they're elected, they rarely keep their promises.

Our money is broken. Prices keep going up. Inflation is out of control.

What if you could vote for better money instead of another politician with promises?

You can. And you don't need to wait for election day to vote for better money.

Bitcoin is better money. And you can vote for better money by using Bitcoin today.

If you saved $100 in 2020, you only have $50 of purchasing power today.

You may still have that $100 in your bank account, but it buys you half as much as it did a few years ago.

If you saved $100 in Bitcoin in 2020, you have more than $700 of purchasing power today.

In the United States, there is no fixed limit on how many dollars can be created.

This unlimited supply is the root cause of inflation.

Over the last few years, the total amount of dollars in existence has increased by 400%.

For every dollar that existed in 2019, there are now four new dollars in existence.

This money printing has caused record inflation.

That’s because when more money is created from nothing, the price of everything in that money goes up.

When trillions of dollars were printed from thin air, the price of everything in dollars went up.

This includes the raw materials that companies have to buy to make their products, which means higher prices for you.

It doesn't really matter who you vote for, because both parties print money and cause inflation.

Our national debt has shot past $30 trillion dollars thanks to both Democrats and Republicans.

And there's no sign of this stopping any time soon.

More money printing means more inflation.

Inflation is not just rising prices. Inflation is when your money buys you less over time.

Bitcoin is better money because it doesn’t have inflation.

Dollars have an unlimited supply, which means more can be printed at any time.

Bitcoin is scarce because it has a maximum supply of 21 million Bitcoin.

No one can print more Bitcoin, which means no one can cause inflation in the Bitcoin system.

Lots of people use Bitcoin as their long term savings account.

Would you rather save in dollars that buy you less over time?

Or would you rather save in Bitcoin that buys you more over time?

People use Bitcoin as a savings account. But they also use it as a tool for freedom.

This is possible because the Bitcoin network isn’t owned by anyone.

Bitcoin is decentralized because it isn't controlled by any single entity like a government or a corporation.

Bitcoin is permissionless because anyone, anywhere can join the Bitcoin network. No one can stop you from accessing your money.

Bitcoin is American because it upholds freedom and respects proof of work.

Americans in Texas used Bitcoin to help keep their lights on, even during a massive storm.

Americans in Pennsylvannia used Bitcoin to clean up coal waste, even after their own government refused to clean it up.

People are using Bitcoin in America and around the world to improve their lives.

Workers in Canada used Bitcoin to access their money, even after their own government froze their bank accounts.

Nigerians used Bitcoin to fight for their rights, even after their banks stopped processing donations.

You could use Bitcoin too.

You don't need to wait for election day to vote for better money.

Bitcoin is better money. And you can vote for better money by using Bitcoin today.