Bitcoin is American because it upholds freedom and respects proof of work.

America is all about being free and making your own choices.

But lately, big banks and the government are making a lot of decisions for us.

Plus, when they print more money, it makes the money we have worth less. That's called inflation, and it's a big problem.

Bitcoin is different because it's not controlled by anyone.

Bitcoin lets you handle your money on your own, without worrying about the government making it worth less.

Proof of Work
In America, we believe that if you work hard, you should get rewarded. Bitcoin works a bit like that too.

It uses something called "proof of work" which means computers have to put in lots of effort to make Bitcoin and confirm transactions.

This is like digital hard work. And unlike regular money, there's a cap to the amount of Bitcoin that can ever exist.

This means it doesn't lose value like dollars because no one can cause inflation in the Bitcoin system.

Fighting Inflation
Inflation makes everything more expensive and your savings worth less. But Bitcoin is different.

Bitcoin doesn't have inflation because there's a limit on how many Bitcoin can ever be made.

This helps keep your hard-earned money valuable.

Bringing Back
American Values

Bitcoin brings back what America is all about: being in charge of your own life, your own money, and getting rewarded for your hard work.

Bitcoin is a new way of handling money that matches our American values, especially when we're worried about things like inflation.

Americans in Texas used Bitcoin to help keep their lights on, even during a massive storm.

Americans in Pennsylvannia used Bitcoin to clean up coal waste, even after their own government refused to clean it up.

You could use Bitcoin too.

Bitcoin is American.

Bitcoin is better money.