Whether you buy Bitcoin or earn Bitcoin, it’s important to take full control of it.

Taking full control of your Bitcoin transforms it into freedom money.

If you can download an app, you can get Bitcoin for the first time and take full control of it.

You may already have an app that gives you access to Bitcoin.

Our favorite apps for buying Bitcoin are Cash App and Strike.

You can also buy Bitcoin from exchanges like River.

After you get some Bitcoin, it’s important that you take full control of it. Here’s how:

One of the main benefits of Bitcoin is the ability to use it as freedom money.

Freedom money is money that can’t be censored, frozen, or seized.

No one can stop you from using Bitcoin if you withdraw it to your own wallet.

But if you leave your Bitcoin in the app where you bought it, you don't get any of the freedom benefits.

The same is true if you buy a Bitcoin ETF instead of actual Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ETFs don't have any of the freedom benefits, and they even prevent you from withdrawing your Bitcoin to your own wallet.

Buying and holding a Bitcoin ETF will force you to pay a fee every year.

But taking full control of your Bitcoin is 100% free with no annual fees.

To use your Bitcoin as freedom money, simply withdraw it from the app where you bought it to a wallet you control.

Our favorite free mobile wallet is Blockstream Green. If you can download an app, you can take full control of your Bitcoin.

You can also check out this Bitcoin wallet guide for more wallet options.

There’s a growing movement of people saying “Pay me in Bitcoin!”

Whether you’re a pro athlete or a regular person, you can be paid in Bitcoin.

Lots of small businesses accept Bitcoin for their goods and services, because Bitcoin is good for business.

You can start asking to be paid in Bitcoin too.

Don’t want to convince your boss?

Apps like Strike will automatically convert a portion of your paycheck into Bitcoin each month.