Bitcoin is sovereign because it's a new system, independent from corrupt politicians.

Every 4 years, we vote for someone who says they'll make things better.

They promise to fix big problems like corruption, schools, and inflation.

But even after they win, things don't really change.

Instead of trying to change things from within our broken system, Bitcoin has built a new system.

Bitcoin has built a system that isn't controlled by politicians.

Bitcoin has built a system that is open to everyone.

Bitcoin has built a system with core American values like freedom and respect for hard work.

Bitcoin gives you the freedom to save your money without restrictions.

It gives you the freedom to spend your money without restrictions.

And Bitcoin restricts politicians from being able to print more of it.

No one can print more Bitcoin and cause inflation.

Bitcoin works today, without empty campaign promises or requests for donations.

Bitcoin is sovereign.

Bitcoin is better money.